10 dog breeds that are actually dangerous for families with kids

some of the dogs you see in movies are on the streets seem to be cuteness itself you can’t help but think, oh my child would love to have such an adorable companion little do you know that some of these furry beauties aren’t good for families with little kids, you’ll find out why in a minute

(10) – Akita Inu

these smiley faces became famous worldwide after the movie Hachi a dog’s tail you can find numerous memes on the Internet where these guys play the main role, at the same time these dogs are surprisingly challenging in everyday life, first of all, they are suspicious of strangers, and don’t like kids they don’t know adult Akita and new dogs can be aggressive towards other animals especially representatives of their own breed, as a result, they can suddenly attack other dogs ignoring any size difference according to the intelligence of dogs rating the Akita Inu is in 104th place out of 138 this rating reflects how easily dog breeds can learn commands and how obedient they are.


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