10+ Tips to Learn Things Faster Than the Average Person

you ever walk into a room just to forget where you were going or what you were looking for, how about finding your car keys in the fridge or the dog’s food in your cereal ball,(uh-oh), sounds like you could use a brain boost, here are some great ways you can train the old thinker:

1 eat chocolate

well this is my favorite, if you have a sweet tooth this one’s for you chocolate contains an important amino acid lysine that helps your brain process things faster and with more efficiency it’s only about dark chocolate though because lysine is found in cocoa beans, so the more cocoa there is in your chocolate the better, if you prefer milk chocolate try to choose the types that have at least 30% cocoa sugar may give your brain a boost but it’ll only be temporary and after an hour or so you’ll just feel tired and groggy.

 2 change up your routine

if you always get up in the morning have your coffee take a shower get dressed walkout and only then wake up it’s time for a change automated actions stall your brain since it’s not taking an active part in what you’re doing, you might even forget important stuff like whether you turned off the kitchen stove or not to avoid this lack of memory change up your routine every day it could be something small like having breakfast before you shower if you did advice verse of the day before or taking an unfamiliar route to school or work.

3 draw

even if the best you can make on paper is a stick person and not a very good-looking one at that, stick to draw whenever you can, this activity makes your right brain hemisphere work like a hundred horses triggering creativity and helping you find unconventional solutions to problems at hand.

4 use the opposite hand

if you’re a righty take a spoon or your toothbrush into your left hand and do the usual stuff, lefties you’re now righties for the day, when you’re doing things with your dominant hand you can go about your day on autopilot not paying particular attention to what you’re doing but as soon as you start using your opposite hand it gets much more intense, it’s especially effective and funny when you try to write like this.

5 write

and I mean right not type typing on a keyboard or smartphone is okay too, but actual writing with a pen on paper woo, activates critical thinking, and increases your analytical skills, it’s especially true if you write something meaningful not just a bunch of gibberish copied over and over again, it can be a diary or you might even uncover a writer’s talent hidden deep inside yourself, maybe your first bestseller is just around the corner and you don’t even know it.

6 – learn a new language

studies have shown that solving math problems doesn’t even rack your brain as much as learning an unfamiliar tongue, when you learn a language you take on a whole new system, and your brain has no other choice but to adapt to the circumstances be smart about it though don’t let the task become a drag.

7 – play chess

chess is one of the oldest strategic games in the world and it stood the test of time because it’s awesome simple as that, if you play it regularly you’ll learn to concentrate and think bigger taking actions that will affect your life a few steps ahead, you’ll also get a deeper understanding of others intentions, after all that’s what chess is all about and while we’re on that topic.

8 – play video games

well, it’s confirmed gamers really do have big brains one 2015 study found that action video games, in particular, improve reaction time, observation skills, and decision-making, the researchers say that other types of games don’t have this effect though so go where the action is.

9 – do the chores

preferably before you play any games you got to earn the fun time right? sure well, either way, your brain comes out on top, housework also contributes to your brainpower it boils down to physical activity which is great for the noggin but more on that later, it’s also effective at taking your mind off the bigger problems too.

10 – pick your nose

or pick that guy’s nose just be careful when you think hard about something, and find your finger inside your nostril don’t hurry to remove it, okay maybe if someone’s watching, otherwise remember that massaging your mucous membrane could be more useful than just digging for gold, it sends a signal to your brain to wake up and do its job so you might find a useful thought faster.

11 – walk

walking increases your blood flow which means more blood and oxygen that hitchhikes along with it reaches your brain this boosts the thinking organs activity making it more flexible when it comes to important stuff, ever caught yourself getting up and walking around the room when someone called you on the phone comment down below if you have I know I have because it means your brain automatically switches to active mode.

12 – breath

here’s a simple exercise that will fill your brain with oxygen and let you feel a rush of energy exhale all the air from your lungs, and hold your breath for as long as you can, don’t wait until you’re blackout though that’s called hypoxia and it’s not cool, when you can’t hold it any longer breathe in powerfully and repeat the influx of air into your lungs will send oxygen to the tissues and your blood will start pumping faster, and that as you remember enhances brain function do this a couple of times every day and you’ll get a clearer head in no time.

13 – sleep

whatever you do from this list remember sleep can never be overrated if you don’t get enough shut-eye at night then no boosting in the world will help you think faster or bigger even coffee has its limits because it basically uses up your own inner energy by activating it.

you don’t necessarily need seven to eight hours of sleep but you should catch enough Z’s to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

14 – get a degree

yeah, only two problems with that, having the time to attend classes and the high cost but you can get a degree that fits your schedule and avoid student debt at the university of the people, the first nonprofit u.s. accredited online university where you can get it to ition free bachelor’s or master’s degree in the most in-demand fields like Business Administration education health and computer

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