26 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait To Turn 80

The factor I’m while no doubt most excited for could be a free bus pass.

1. Firstly, let ME simply say that I think I will be able to be far more assured once I’m previous. I 100% are going to be that married woman WHO doesn’t care if anyone thinks she’s being rude.

2. there’ll be no a lot of starting my sentences with “Sorry, but…”, I will be able to in all probability simply begin all like “Excuse ME, bitch”.

3. I will be able to be thus fearless that I’ll really tell somebody once they’re weekday in my seat instead of simply going away it as a result of I don’t wish to cause a scene.

4. I’ll even complain in restaurants once my food is cold.

5. I imagine that by the time I’m previous I’d have totally perfect the art of haggling and won’t ever pay full value sort of a fool.

6. Cardigans {are|ar|area unit|square MEasure} without ambiguity the coziest item of consumer goods Associate in Nursingd as an older lady I’m aiming to have a full wardrobe of them and nobody will tell me I would like a lot of places my wardrobe.

7. I imagine that once I’m older I’ll finally have the money to wear cashmere. That’s the dream.

8. There’s one thing regarding having grey hair that I feel are going to be very fun, and sort of cool. Hipsters dye their hair silver all the time however I won’t need to acquire it.

9. once you’re over sixty it’s pretty accepted, no inspired, to induce a perm and quite candidly I can’t look ahead to the expertise.

10. With all of that free time, I will be able to become terribly cultivated and can hopefully get around to finally learning a brand new language.

11. Or I would simply take up hobbies like embroidery or taking part in the accordion.

12. perhaps I’ll be like “fuck it” and go traveling around the world.

13. I will be able to in all probability the primary eighty-year-old to contend professionally in Associate in Nursing extreme sport.

14. The factor I’m while no doubt most excited for could be a free bus pass.

15. I might pay all day going around country roads for fully nothing, what a thrill.

16. individuals continuously surrender their seat on the bus for the older, I can’t look ahead to that.

17. I will wait to be previous as a result of nobody can tell ME, no, I might eat fifty-seven free samples and therefore the free sample woman can’t very cut ME off as a result of that may be disrespecting the older.

18. I will be able to in all probability now not be frightened by the youths WHO hang around outside my flat as a result of I’ll be comfortable by the very fact that they need to respect their elders.

19. I’ll continuously simply pop around to my younger family member’s homes for dinner and ne’er cook.

20. And I’ll ne’er create a cup of tea for myself, some other person can continuously supply ME one on account of my age.

21. Daytime TV is a few of the best/weirdest TV and we’ve been missing out thereon or most of our operating lives, however, once I’m previous I’m aiming to be ready to watch the maximum amount of it as I’d like.

22. this can be lame I do know however once I’m previous I’ll miss that enormous line at the grocery I continuously notice myself in once work and obtain to possess a happy mid-day look.

23. I do know that I don’t very need to shave currently, however as Associate in Nursing eighty-year-old I won’t have any social pressure to shave which would be refreshing tbh.

24. aiming at the cinema within the daytime is going to be the most effective.

25. Okay, I’ll admit that this one is reasonably weird, however, I like birth control random long white hairs I notice in random places on my body and in my maturity I create mentally that I will be able to encounter a lot of of those than I do currently. That fills ME with joy.

26. I hope once I’m eighty I’ll have a bit white beard that older ladies generally get, I feel it’ll create ME look wise.

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